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Needham Santa

- Christmas Eve Visits from Santa

Needham Santa is continuing a forty year old tradition here in Needham which was started and run by The Needham Women's Club until 2016.  On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus visits Needham homes and brings an early gift (secretly provided by the parents in advance) for the children to open. This has been a custom cherished by hundreds of families over multiple generations.

Under NeedhamCAN, our Santa's also visits also visit families in need.   We raise money through donations and our other programs to purchase gifts for families who may not otherwise be able to afford them.  Last Christmas our program had Santa purchase and deliver gifts to nearly 70 children in a magical Christmas Eve experience.

Santa Visits Families in Need

Our charitable homes make up over 20% of all Santa Visits.  Many thanks to those who donate including Be Kind Needham (Facebook Group), Needham Women's Club and all our volunteers.  Pictured below is our "Wrapping Party" where we wrapped and sorted over 200 gift items.

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