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Teen Programming Committee

The Teen programming committee looks for opportunities for Needham teens to be active outside of school. 


The goal is to keep as many kids engaged in the community as possible so if they don’t have school-related clubs or activities, there are other options for them.

Ellen Dudley


Teen Programs

We began our foray into teen programming by talking to and meeting with some influential people who work with teens the most including the director at the Youth and Family Services, the Principal of Pollard Middle School, the teen specialist at the library, and others. We had a few projects lined up including mural painting, photography and a building project when Covid struck, so unfortunately they got derailed.

We have provided the paint to Pollard for a mural in the cafeteria and we are hoping to get that back on track soon.  We are also collaborating with Youth and Family Services and the Needham Council for Arts and Culture to involve teens and others in the community to paint the tunnel between Pollard and DeFazio field.

Our mission is collaboration.  If there are any projects around town for teens to be a part of, we want to know about it and help.  We can help supply the manpower as well as contribute financially.  We are a group of people connected in the community who want to keep our kids and teens safe, off the “streets” and engaged in the town.

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